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What’s the biggest difference between soccer coaches who have a winning program and those who are struggling to get the players to do what’s necessary to develop and win as a team?

Mental Performance Specialist

We all know the importance of the mental game


Yet, we are not putting enough energy and emphasis towards it.

We are blinded by all the physical things we need to do such as fitness and speed training.

We are occupied with technical training and putting together effective team training sessions.


That doesn't satisfy the overall necessities to get desired results.

And it’s why your team is unable to consistently make the right decisions on the field.

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If you manage a soccer team and are:

  • Planning innovative practices with winning game plans

  • Booking the right tournaments to get the right exposure

  • Using your experience to envision how you want the game to unfold

That’s great.  All those things have their place.

But they are only part of the equation.

If you struggle with:

  • Players who are not on the same page and don’t make confident decisions

  • Inconsistent performance between practice and games

  • A team’s lack of effort in the small things (i.e. not showing up on time, ready to go)

Then you would benefit greatly from mental performance coaching

You’re doing all the things you believe will build a great club. But, things aren’t working out as they should. Because you:

  • Don’t know how to teach the mental game

  • Struggle with building your players confidence

  • Haven’t figured how to implement your philosophy upon your club

  • Haven’t yet committed to taking ownership of your program culture


After all the time you have invested into being a great coach, isn’t it time you started getting consistent winning results?


You deserve to know that the mental aspect of the game is being taught while you are coaching the physical, technical, and tactical strategies.


You need a coach who is getting your player’s minds right while you’re getting everything else right.


After all there are only 3 things any athlete can train, or coach can coach:
Physical, Technical (Tactics) and MENTAL

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Truth: Soccer Clubs that struggle are mainly focused on physical skills, not overall player development.

As a soccer coach or manager, I know you are doing what you can.


  • Every day you prepare the necessary equipment

  • Answer emails, texts, phone calls from parents

  • Create game plans and coach applicable formations

  • Sort out registrations, tournament schedules, and rosters


You can’t do much more when it comes to building a physically and technically sound team.


But maybe that’s the problem.


There is another whole aspect of coaching championship teams that if left untaught will keep your potential locked up inside.


I see the benefits of Mental Performance Coaching and I’ve helped many soccer teams and clubs overcome the challenges they have so that they can get the results they want.

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What you need: a coach who is training the mindsets of your players while you are training the physical game.

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What you need: a performance coach who is building the mental skills every player needs for long term success.

The good news is, building confidence, focus, and discipline in your players is possible.

 If you’ve made it this far, you already sense that coaching your player’s mindset is crucial for your team’s success.

Popular Thought: I signed up for the right tournaments and am getting my players the right exposure. What’s Left?

I know that you’ve designed a game plan and coach a strong team.  You aren’t winging it. You are showing up in full force.

You know what you’re after and everything you do is focused on that outcome.

You are confused about what you are working towards.

 But, that’s the problem.

You are too focused on winning the tournament and not building the long term mindset skills your players need for life on and off the soccer field. The tools necessary to carry out all that you are teaching them.

But what you might not know is that Mental Performance Coaching will also empower your players to:

  • Grow an elite mindset so they can coach themselves when you’re not around

  • Commit to certain goals and stay motivated in reaching them

  • Build self-awareness which allows your players to recognize the problems that arise and how to adjust

  • Focus on what matters and not on the things that pull them further away from their goal                    

These outcomes are possible for you but they depend on your ability to coach the mental game.

My Mental Performance Training Program has been the secret weapon for my own success and the success of the wide variety of  teams I’ve worked with. From youth clubs, to college programs, including Professional and MLS Players.

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Hi, I’m Itzik Rapaport, Certified Mental Performance Coach

When I’m not learning new skills as part of my personal self-development, working out, or fathering my two daughters, I’m building the mental performance skills for winning soccer teams and organizations.


And I’ve done this all without taking away time from your physical practices.  Meaning you get to enjoy the benefits of mental performance coaching without having to sacrifice your time on the field.

I have designed a Mental Performance Coaching Program designed for elite soccer teams and clubs like yours.



  1. Because this is the course I wish I had when I was a youth and  college player, and struggled with consistency

  2. Because all of the teams who start working with me immediately realize that they knew a lot about the mental game, but never had a name for it. If you can’t name it, you can’t develop it.

  3. Because I’ve been a soccer player and a coach, so I know you don’t want to sacrifice time on the field to coach the mental game (even though you know you need to)


Having been in your shoes, I have grown passionate about bringing all my knowledge to you so that you can develop your players into champions.

My Story:

I've played my whole life, just like you. I’ve played at the highest levels, just like your players. I started every game my freshman year at a top 10 D1 college program, until things turned for me. I found myself outside the lineup, off the field, and outside the travel squad. I struggled immensely with this and other aspects of my life. I wish I had someone like me in my corner, at the time when I needed it most. I have since then been obsessive about learning the Mental Performance Skills and have positioned myself in a way that I can teach and influence top players and coaches all over the nation.

I know the struggles of advancing in your career as a coach and getting what you want out of your players. I identify with the daily grind. You are putting in so much work, and bypassing the glue that holds it all together.

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Imagine how much more you’ll be able to do with your players when they know how to stay focused. And how to keep them on the task at hand.

Or, what kind of results you would you get if you had a whole team who executed on the daily habits that build strong, confident, consistent players

I am excited to offer you:

Mental Coach Pro’s Team Coaching - The Starting 11 Mental Performance Mastery

It’s designed for soccer coaches and managers who have elite players who are ready to learn and implement the


Mental Game.

How do we accomplish this?

11 Pillars designed to coach all the skills needed for peak Mental Performance


All delivered live and online from the comfort of your player’s homes

Let’s take a look inside the program and what you will learn:

Part #1 - Mindset

  • Understand the concept that things like focus, confidence, and discipline are coachable, learnable, buildable skills.

  • How to commit to something and stay motivated throughout the process


  • How to structure your day to do what you need to do to get what you want

Part #2 - Performance

  • Identify what you can and can’t control and commit to the controllable

  • How to do what you need to do even when you don’t want to


  • Commit to the daily activities that eventually become an elite way of living

  • Recognizing the connection between mindset, physical training and elite performance

Part #3 - Life’s Game Plan

  • Understand the keys to long term success despite talent

  • Develop the ability to paint a picture of what you want and have your body perform and complete the action


  • Differentiate between goals and dreams and what you need to do to achieve both


  • Building the culture that holds everything together and creates a winning lifestyle

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  • Percentage of your enrollment will go back to the club to help toward your much needed program costs

  • Email access to me throughout the program

  • Office hours for Q&A after the weekly zoom call

  • Coaches/Parents ONLY call - will share with you all the Mental Performance vocabulary so you know what to say and what not to say during carpools

  • No worries if you can’t make it live, you can still access the trainings … I record the sessions and email the recording

  • Space is also limited so that I can make sure each player is seen, heard and can ask questions

  • If you are ready to add Mental Coaching to your team and club, you can reserve your space below.

If you have additional questions that we did not cover here on this page, {contact me here}

Thanks for submitting!

  • I’ve been coaching for a long time and I don’t want my players getting confused. How do I know you’re not going to teach them something different?
    I am not coaching anything physical nor technical. Your game plan will not be compromised. I am here to enhance performance with Mental Game Coaching. When I teach them how to visualize, I will make sure they are visualizing the physical game plan you’re coaching.
  • I don’t want to take away from a training session. Will I lose field time for this?
    No. You can keep all your field time. This is mental performance training and can be done while your players are home.
  • How do you structure it?
    Weekly zoom calls covering a different topic each week. All scheduled for a day/time that works for your team. Over a period of time we agree upon.
  • What if someone can’t afford it?
    No player will be left behind. We can discuss built in solutions for this.
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