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This customized program is a transition from the concepts learned in the Winners Workshop to small groups where we will dive deeper in, taking theory to action

Having a small group will allow for more personal attention, individual interaction, and result driven behavior. 

Cohort Checklist

Small Groups (up to 10 members max)

Grouped with Common Age, Position, Performance Specific Agenda

Weekly Live Session and Personalized Q&A

Members Only Chat

Mental Performance Specific Audio Books (customized key points)

Recorded Customized Mental Imagery

Accountability App for Group Members Only

Athletic Mindset Assessment Test ($150 Value)

24/7 Email and Text Access

Monthly 1on1 Phone Check Ins

MCP Daily Journal

Football Team

Welcome to the Mind Lab Cohort, a dynamic space where ambitious minds unite to catalyze personal growth and achieve remarkable results. Our program is built upon the principle that shared experiences and mutual accountability drive unparalleled progress. Imagine being part of an exclusive group of up to 10 individuals, all dedicated to propelling each other forward.

Beyond our weekly gatherings, the Mind Lab Cohort thrives through continuous interaction. Our members-only chat, innovative accountability app, and weekly assets ensure you're never alone on your journey and constantly engaged. Together, we bridge the gap between theory and action, transforming aspirations into tangible accomplishments. Join us today and unlock the potent force of group dynamics – where collaboration fuels success and achievements become a collective triumph. Welcome to the Mind Lab Cohort, where dreams evolve into reality.

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