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What CHAMPIONS Are Saying 




Force North Director of Coaches

Portland Timbers, Puerto Rico National Team, MLS Super Draft selection - LA Galaxy

Itzik has been a huge asset to our club. Through my 14 year professional career I have come to understand the importance of mental performance. I would not have been able to accomplish the things I have at the levels I have played without a winners mindset. Itzik has a very special way approach in connecting with youth players and getting them to understand concepts that are absolutely critical in their development as players on the field and character off the field. We love having him meet with our club and seeing results from the boys on the field and hearing the positive feedback from parents regarding their actions at home and in school. 



Parent of De Anza Force player

Thank you so much for working with Zach. It has been super helpful  and very motivating. I already see a huge shift in mentality not just on the field but at home. This is something that has helped build my sons personality, help his soccer form, and educate him, not just in sports but throughout his entire life. I wish I would have had a chance to work with someone like you when I was 13. It would have helped me make some critical decisions in a different way.



Golden State U 16 ECNL Player, College bound

Working with Itzik has really helped me out. He is been able to address my mental issues in a way that has definitely impacted me for the best on and off the field. Our work around my thought process has helped me be consistent in my performance.



Parent of Girls U 15 ECNL Player

Itzik has been really great with helping my daughter with her transition into high school. I see the the difference in her time management and confidence around friends. She has really become fond of him and looks forward to their sessions. It is very helpful for her to get this information from someone other than her parents and teachers. Itzik has a way of relating to her that causes her to take action. Thank you for all that you do. 



U 15 MLS Academy Player

I just wanted to let you know thank you for the work you’ve put in with me and the boys. For me especially, I feel stronger mentally than ever, and that has translated to me at being my best right now in the trainings. Just wanted to let you know and thank you, and I’m excited to keep working with you. 



ECNL U 15 Player

What I have taken away from this experience: I think the most important thing I have learned from working with Coach Itzik is that the only way to get better is to be ok with and embrace failing. I’ve learned that failing is only scary if you are focused on your ego rather than your self esteem. I finally understand that I can set more ambitious goals for myself because  failure or success, I will improve more through the process of trying to achieve a bigger goal than a smaller one.



Santa Monica College Head Coach

LA Breakers Director of Coaches

UCLA All American, Division 1 National Champion

Mental Awareness is so important in preparing for the college game. It is at least as critical to performance as any other part of the players game. Itzik has been working with our college guys for the past 3 years and has done a great job breaking down players’ barriers and providing them with tools so that they can play with confidence, consistently.



Total Futbol Academy U 15 DA Player

Since working with Itzik I feel that I have expanded my knowledge about how to be a complete player. He exposes me to a whole different side of the game that I realized anybody who wants to make it to the big leagues and to have a professional career is working on constantly. I have added mental training into my training regiment and now it is a daily thing that I work on. I feel that I have become a better player and a better person since working with Itzik.

I know that I am lucky to start working on this now because this is going to push me to the next level.



Real So Cal, U 14 player

Itzik has taught me that to play at the next level or succeed in life you have to be mentally strong and create good habits. To do so you have to develop discipline in everything that you do. I am working hard at that and can see huge improvements. 



Parent of  Boys U 13 MLS Academy Player

Eli has really come a long way since working with Itzik. His confidence has really gone through the roof and I can tell how much more outgoing and comfortable he is around his peers. My constant communication with Itzik and the worksheets Eli shares with me show me the very important work they are doing in preparing Eli for his early adult life. 



UCLA, Division 1 Player

Its been really helpful working with Itzik. He has really helped me overcome barriers that have been getting in the way of me performing at my best at a consistent level. Since working with him i have been confident and fearless of making mistakes on the pitch. Thanks. 

sporting Ca.jpeg


Parent of U 12 Player

I see the difference it is making in Maia. Her demeanor on the field is so impressive and many don’t understand it’s all about the mindset. She’s still only 11 but at least she’s starting to create the habits and I want all of our girls to at least be able to get an understanding of the mental part of it a little. My niece made it to college on a dual scholarship and the pressure and mental health of it all made her crash.

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